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  1. *1st^Forces. ..-91528
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  10. {[*Zuska*]} 6e3 IIpo6era6492

New innovative x100 server (1 December)

KetraWars gives all fans of Java servers his next creation - a New x100 server in the style of Craft-PvP. The innovative concept will keep you in constant tension and equalize the chances of all players, autonomously of their financial situation. more...


Best Lineage 2 Interlude Server

One of the popular online games which do not taking the lead for several years is the Lineage 2 Interlude. During this time appeared too many servers for Lineage, but but few of them lasted a long time. Many players dreamы of finding a reliable resource to immerse themselves in the world of la2, inhabited by elves, dragons, gnomes and other creatures. Enjoy the process will allow - a reliable project with a consistently high number of players online (5000+) and three cool servers.

Our Lineage 2 servers of interlude chronicles

  • Our L2 servers works without wipes and until the last player. The oldest server of the complex (x1200) already more than 3 years.
  • Advertising of the Ketrawars complex goes around the world and in all languages, creating a daily influx of players to the server.
  • Daily hotfixes and fixes, brought our game servers to the ideal.

Ketrawars - it is not an official gaming complex and does not promote the use of the unofficial gaming client Lineage 2 Interlude.

Craft-PvP x100
New х1 on January
PTS x1
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