Grand opening Craft-PvP x100 - January, 13 at 20:00 (GMT+3)
The best server this summer! At this time, we will introduce some changes in our concepts, which all have been waiting for!

We have analyzed the past discoveries and revealed the reason why the server so quickly bored players! As much as it may sound banal, but the reason is simple - lack of fun in the server.

The new Craft-PvP x100 we will try the new model of development gameplay. For convenience, we will prepare for you the first calendar month of play.

Olymiad System will also be changed. Now, each player will have a chance to become a Hero. More information about this will be in the full description of the server.

We will try to make the server as interesting as possible for all players.

  • Lead assembly with their goodies and modifications
  • The most long-playing server that offers tens of thousands of Online record that proves opening any server project KetraWars.
  • Maximize the content chronicles Interlude
  • An incredible balance of all classes!
  • Administrative staff who is willing to help players 24/7 days a week!
  • Strongest protection against DDoS attacks that will make your playing comfort and protection against lags!!!
  • Over a hundred coolest clans from the first days of life the server, as well as tens of thousands of solo players
  • Availability auto event, as well as GvG tournaments held administrative staff.