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Rating Players


  1. BOSS275
  2. Mok75
  3. WhiteHorse75
  4. iwarc75
  5. h00chiii75
  6. PervayaVika75
  7. PapaZalupella75
  8. lBOSSl75
  9. Flash75
  10. l50cent75


  1. [AlBara] 1st109557
  2. *~.IIAIIA.~* Cesare*107921
  3. *1st^Forces.106346
  4. CesareBorgia HisMajesty74555
  5. (~)^Greshnuk^(~)71594
  6. -~[ka[G]an]~-56089
  7. [No^Controll] DOLBAEBNAASISTE55659
  8. DonHosse FORTNITE55040
  9. -#necr0m7#-54844
  10. ~*[N][I][K][E]*~54719


  1. [...3aBeP...^^] Vse ravno TOPIM26972
  2. [H]igh[S]kill. eee22115
  3. -6bIgJlo- Dawn Team16681
  4. [BomBey] #RM.Reborn16293
  5. #Coin.of.Luck# #BeJIukoJIenHbIu15797
  6. [^SexOnTheBeach] FIOLETOVO FSEE14513
  7. #Ephe[D]rine 14093
  8. #[*~KPAKEH*~]^^ +13776
  9. ~*#:Antikidok#*~ Legends13096
  10. [OG]*Kush Inst psilocybe9312534
x1Old x1200Old x100

New x1200Java

All top clans on the salary pass by, we have a server for real fans of 1200x Interlude!

New x1PTS

New x1 server with the smooth development of all players without exception! Now everything will be on equal, regardless of whether you are in the clan or without.

x1200 (5 years)Java

Join the Big War on the first server of the Ketrawars complex with a crazy online.

Ketrawars - it is not an official gaming complex and does not promote the use of the unofficial gaming client Lineage 2 Interlude.

х1200 - April 26About server
х1 (Full)About server
х1200 - 5 yearsAbout server
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1. Sign up an account

Sign up an master account in control panel, its will allow to create a unlimited game-accounts without re-registration.

2. Install the game

Install clear game client of Lineage 2 Interlude.

3. Install our patch

Download and unzip our patch. Put all patch files with replacement of already existing files in the folder with the installed clieng of Lineage 2 Interlude.

4. Enter the game

Launch the game from /system/L2.exe and enjoy.