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  1. RM201878
  2. Sterva78
  3. wsw78
  4. Warc178
  5. eclipse78
  6. xPPx78
  7. buyback78
  8. Stefany78
  9. EcKo78
  10. Proffi78


  1. *1st^Forces.105480
  2. *~.IIAIIA.~* Cesare*89001
  3. CesareBorgia His Majesty72095
  4. [AlBara] 1st71964
  5. (~)^Greshnuk^(~)71594
  6. -~[ka[G]an]~-56089
  7. .:~[O_o]~:. Aceu4ik AXAXAX55855
  8. DonHosse Mamedov54980
  9. -#necr0m7#-54844
  10. ~*[N][I][K][E]*~54719


  1. [...3aBeP...^^] DreadNought.16476
  2. #Coin.of.Luck# #BeJIukoJIenHbIu15761
  3. [BomBey]12949
  4. Shaolin. </311767
  5. Trek^_^11241
  6. ~*[MrAlkapOne]*~10628
  7. #[*~KPAKEH*~]^^ 4isto po fanu9510
  8. ~CaTuP~9350
  9. LysergicMadne_0827813
  10. ~TOP[DIVA]KETRI~7740

Enough to play on low rates servers, it's time to come off to the full! Only PvP and craft the most necessary items, without windows and unnecessary fuss.


Try again these unforgettable moments of getting the desired percentages and crafting your first weapon. Moments, when D-grage thing is not garbage, pulluting inventory, but the real luxury when any little stuff can change the course of the fight.


Join the Big War on the first server of the Ketrawars complex with a crazy online.


An old x1 server with a PvP orientation. Server for real pros who know what is the real spirit of Lineage 2.

Multi-Craft x100Java

KetraWars gives all fans of Java servers his next creation - a New x100 server in the style of Multi-Craft. The innovative concept will keep you in constant tension and equalize the chances of all players, autonomously of their financial situation.

Ketrawars - it is not an official gaming complex and does not promote the use of the unofficial gaming client Lineage 2 Interlude.

х1200 - October 19
х100 - just opened
x1200 - 4 years
х1 (Full)
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Bonus start
on х100 and х1200


1. Sign up an account

Sign up an master account in control panel, its will allow to create a unlimited game-accounts without re-registration.

2. Install the game

Install clear game client of Lineage 2 Interlude.

3. Install our patch

Download and unzip our patch. Put all patch files with replacement of already existing files in the folder with the installed clieng of Lineage 2 Interlude.

4. Enter the game

Launch the game from /system/L2.exe and enjoy.