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  1. *1st^Forces. Myprotein106205
  2. *~.IIAIIA.~* Cesare*97289
  3. [AlBara] 1st88601
  4. CesareBorgia HisMajesty74555
  5. (~)^Greshnuk^(~)71594
  6. -~[ka[G]an]~-56089
  7. DonHosse54980
  8. -#necr0m7#-54844
  9. ~*[N][I][K][E]*~54719
  10. [No^Controll] 51428


  1. [...3aBeP...^^] TopimDoTalogo20176
  2. #Coin.of.Luck#15761
  3. [BomBey] #GoodLuckEbash13931
  4. Shaolin. </311789
  5. #[*~KPAKEH*~]^^ Don't Cry11641
  6. Trek^_^11241
  7. ~*[MrAlkapOne]*~ #MarioGameTeam10628
  8. ~*#:Antikidok#*~ Don't Judge Me10057
  9. ~CaTuP~9519
  10. ...:IILaH4uk:...8232
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Dear players

Unfortunately, due to the peculiarity of our JAVA platform, we can not organize a single patch for all servers.

Convincing request

To avoid client errors and additional labor, do not mix game patches from Java and PTS servers in 1 client. Use a clean client for each platform.

Ketrawars - it is not an official gaming complex and does not promote the use of the unofficial gaming client Lineage 2 Interlude.

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1. Sign up an account

Sign up an master account in control panel, its will allow to create a unlimited game-accounts without re-registration.

2. Install the game

Install clear game client of Lineage 2 Interlude.

3. Install our patch

Download and unzip our patch. Put all patch files with replacement of already existing files in the folder with the installed clieng of Lineage 2 Interlude.

4. Enter the game

Launch the game from /system/L2.exe and enjoy.